A Look at Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Day by day there is so much that innovation is bringing to the mobile market. There is a very great competition among companies that want to be recognized as the ever leading ones when it comes to manufacturing of very sophisticated communication gadgets. Samsung is the company that has manufactured a classic tablet known as Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. It was launched in January this year hence being injected into the market and its features are just amazing.

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It has a twelve inch display that has a very high resolution to make sure that you enjoy every activity that you could be doing with this gadget. This very sharp and clear display enables you to watch your videos and pictures at high definition. Typing is also enhanced by the keyboard that is fitted to it and you can type whatever kind of literature that you want. It has a non removable battery that can last you for long because it has a capacity of five thousand and two hundred mili amperes per hour. When you charge it fully, it can last you up to ten running hours. It runs on Intel Core m3 processor that gives it the power to multitask and still maintain a desirable speed.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S has an enormous Random Access Memory of four gigabytes. With such a high capacity, it is very easy and efficient for you to handle very complicated and voluminous tasks because there is enough space in this gadget to hold all that. Contrary to the storage capacity that most analogue computers have, this tablet has quite a big internal storage capacity of one hundred and twenty gigabytes. With this voluminous storage space and a five mega pixel rear camera together with a similar front camera, you can save all kinds of materials that you want in your tablet. You can even record events like meetings, weddings, documentaries and everything else that you want and store it in this gadget.

It runs on Windows 10 Operating System which is fast and highly compatible with very many applications that are available in the applications market. The connectivity between this gadget and others is facilitated by both wireless and wire connectivity. You can access data via Wireless Fidelity version 802.11 ac, a, b, c and g. For access to other devices like it, you can use Bluetooth version 4.10 which covers an extensively large area. With this gadget, you can easily share files, videos and folders with other gadgets that are hundreds of meters away. Listening to video and audio files with this device is enhanced by the loud speaker option together with the headphones.


It runs on the GSM network band and you can access the internet both on third generation and forth generation modes. You can also measure the speed that Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is moving at by using its accelerometer. Unlike many tablets that cannot be used to call, this gadget also serves as a phone and it has a single SIM. With the GPS on this gadget, you can navigate and track whatever you want using the satellite and view that area in a map. When you open it, the keyboard and cover serves as a stand that supports the tablet in a slanting position so that you can view and use it without supporting it with your hands. This gadget is about 700 grams in weight which makes it portable and its reasonable size facilitates it to fit in the hand bags of women and even in document folders for men. It can even be carried like a newspaper because it is not heavy. It is ideal for students, executives and even for leisure both in and outdoors. It can be a perfect tool when you are going out for adventure.

If you are planning to buy a tablet, give Samsung Galaxy TabPro S the first priority.

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